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I started my dev career via a Full Stack Javascript bootcamp - shoutout to Northcoders! The course covered Node, Express and React.

After graduation, I landed my first Full Stack dev job at an e-commerce start up. This was where I truly learnt what "pressure" meant; the team was small, the hours were long and the scope creep was HUGE. I worked in Typescript, React & GraphQL paired with a Node & Express backend. Whilst here I had my first introduction to the world of microservices; I produced my own service written in Golang that utilised a Sendgrid API.

My next role was as a Front End Developer at a bank. I worked on a mixture of legacy migration and greenfield work. The legacy stuff was in the scripting language Kony, whilst the greenfield work was in Typescript, React, Storybook & Salesforce. It was in this job that I discovered a passion for creating accessible products.

I decided to move roles midway through 2021 and ended up trying my hand at consultancy. Whilst being in this role I've worked on a vast range of products and technologies: PHP & Laravel, Vuejs & React, Typescript & Javascript, Contentful CMS integration, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, AWS Lambdas & S3 & Cognito, Kafka & Splunk, Nestjs & Express.